Money in the Bank has become one of the most anticipated shows on WWE’s yearly PLE schedule and the show is set to air live tonight from Toronto. Several big matches have been confirmed for the card, and Triple H is now teasing some surprises for Money in the Bank ahead of the show.

“Money in the Bank is a great PLE for WWE I think because it changes the trajectory of a lot of things. So as you’re getting ready to head into SummerSlam, once somebody has that Money in the Bank briefcase, it sort of changes the dynamic, and the chase begins.

“If you’re the champion you always have to be looking over your shoulder. It will be a big night and a lot of great talent in there, it’s very difficult to call. I think all of the matches tonight will deliver, and then some. We have a few surprises in the tank so it’s going to be a fun night.”

There’s currently no word on what those surprises might be, but it’s probably safe to say that Money in the Bank is going to be a big show tonight. Stay tuned for updates.