The Money in the Bank PLE aired live from Toronto on Saturday night and the show kicked off in a big way. The men’s Money in the Bank ladder match opened the show and Jey Uso, Carmelo Hayes, Andrade, Chad Gable, LA Knight and Drew McIntyre all clashed as they tried to earn the Money in the Bank contract.

Every competitor fought hard as they attempted to earn the title shot, but in the end it was Drew McIntyre who walked away from the match with the Money in the Bank contract.

At one point Andrade did a sunset flip powerbomb on Carmelo Hayes off the top of the ladder and sent Hayes crashing into another ladder below. It looked like LA Knight was going to grab the briefcase as he got the top of the ladder, but Chad Gable stopped him. Gable then through LA Knight over the top rope with a suplex and sent Knight into a ladder that was set up horizontally between the ring and the announce table.

Gable climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase. However, Jey Uso pulled the ladder out from under him and Gable was swinging in the air for a while before he fell. Uso immediately followed up with a spear.

Jey Uso then climbed up the ladder and grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase. Drew McIntyre threw a ladder at him to knock Jey off the ladder. McIntyre then hit Jey with a Claymore which sent him out of the ring. The Scottish Warrior followed up by climbing the ladder and grabbing the briefcase to win the match.