WWE Hall of Famer Sunny recently appeared on Under The Mat Radio. Below are some highlights:

How she got in the business:

“Well my high school sweetheart was Chris Candido and I was going to college on a full academic scholarship, I was going to be a plastic surgeon. He got hired for Smokey Mountain in Knoxville, TN and I transferred schools down there. Within a month Jim Cornette hired me because he needed a girl on TV that no one has seen before. That 6 months lasted 2 and a half years and then I got a phone call from Bruce Prichard from the WWF (then) and I was hired…”

Backstage ribs:

“They (Davey Boy and Owen Hart) were my two mentors I could rib with the best of them because Davey Boy and Owen taught me everything I knew.”

Her new book that is coming out soon:

“The editing is finished just waiting on the Forward by my mentor Jim Cornette and some quotes for the back of the book by a few people like Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Melina, Lisa Marie, and Trish. I had wrote it first 491 pages which is about 300 something pages typed. I have my pictures and cover all laid out.”