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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer, and he knows how to get a crowd going. Austin spent many years working on his character, and he finally reached the top of the industry when he perfected the “Stone Cold” persona.

WWE fans haven’t seen another star quite like Steve Austin since he retired, but there are still plenty of up and coming WWE wrestlers who are trying to establish themselves and their characters.

One star who is trying to reach the next level is none other than Seth Rollins. Although Rollins is a former WWE Champion, he still hasn’t managed to get the full support of the fans as a babyface. Austin recently talked about Seth Rollins on his podcast, and he noted that he needs to work harder on defining who his character is (via Sports Illustrated).

“Who is Seth Rollins?” asked Austin. “When you say Seth Rollins, or you say Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins, I still don’t have a sense of what or who this guy is. That rests on Seth Rollins’ shoulder as an individual to define or create that, as well as the WWE. I still don’t get a sense of what kind of personality he is. He’s not electrifying like The Rock, he’s not anti-authority like Stone Cold, or like The Deadman, so OK, then who is he? Look at another guy who, if I dare say, was a little introverted but obviously had an ego in Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. Not a larger-than-life personality, but the genuineness of his character was he was ‘The Hitman’ and he was a badass – the ‘Excellence of Execution,’ the best there is, was, and ever will be. Bret wasn’t an over the top guy, he was a pretty humble and quiet individual outside the ring. In many regards, he was somewhat like Seth – though, in many regards, Bret is an entirely different animal – but there is a case of a guy who was not a showy guy, but rather conservative, and had a highly-defined, world-class gimmick and was a badass worker. Seth needs to work on this.”

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  1. […], a través de Sports Illustrated, comentan lo que Austin mencionó: “¿Quién es Seth Rollins? “Cuando preguntas quién es Rollins, o dices “Seth [Freaking] Rollins, aún me cuesta entender qué tipo de personalidad posee. No entiendo el tipo de personaje que es. Él no es electrizante como The Rock, no es anti autoridad como Stone Cold, o como “El hombre muerto”, así que… ¿Quién es él? […]