Let’s take a trip into pro wrestling’s past and travel all the way back to 2015 for a moment. That was a very long time ago, eh? Cody Rhodes was stuck in the Stardust gimmick and something was brewing between him and the star of a popular superhero television show. Stephen Amell and Stardust had been hinting at a feud and it all took off when the following took place. The fact Neville and Bad News Barrett are also featured in this clip which is interesting on many levels as well. But let’s just stick to Amell here.

Let’s jump back in our Deloreans and come back to the present time when Stephen Amell just entertained a packed house at an ROH show in San Antonio, Texas. Although Cody wasn’t in the match, Amell was in the ring with the Bullet Club’s Elite and during the contest, he solidified himself a spot within the “Notorious Club.”

It was certainly a too sweet moment even if The Bullet Club can’t say “too sweet.” The show had many highlights, one of which being Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes sharing the ring once more as Cody remarked how NXT failed to sell their show out but ROH seemed to have no problem accomplishing that feat.

Another outstanding part of the night was all the incredible moves Amell executed. If you thought you’d never live to see the day when television’s Arrow hit an IndyTaker then you’d be wrong because he did and it was awesome.

The Ring Of Honor fans in San Antonio knew they were witnessing something special for sure and they ate up every second of this incredible contest.

If things like this happened more often the world would be a much better place. Now that Amell is an official member of The Bullet Club, who knows when we’ll be seeing him in the wrestling ring once more.