mick foley

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Mick Foley was given the task of firing someone from the Raw roster. At the end of the show, Foley met Stephanie McMahon in the middle of the ring and he tried to fire her, but that didn’t work out too well for Mick.

Triple H later came down to defend his wife, and after one thing led to another, Mick Foley shoved Mr. Socko down Triple H’s throat, then Stephanie McMahon retaliated by hitting Foley with a low blow.

Foley kicked off Monday Night Raw this week, and he came to the ring with a stack of index cards. He read the index cards in a monotone voice and he thanked Stephanie McMahon and Triple H for giving him the opportunity to be Raw General Manager, then he announced that he would be taking a leave of absence from WWE.

Mick Foley then threw down the index cards and he started to go off on Stephanie and Triple H, but his mic got cut off. Stephanie then came down to the ring and berated Mick as the crowd booed heavily. She then said she had two words for Mick, “You’re fired!”

Sami Zayn then came out to defend Mick Foley as the crowd chanted “CM Punk” for some reason. Zayn stood up to Stephanie and she booked him in a match with Samoa Joe, then told Mick to get out of the arena.