impact wrestling

Impact Wrestling has a lot of big stars working for the company that some promotions would be more than happy to have with them. WWE could very well have their eyes on a few of them and at the Impact Wrestling television taping Saturday night, it looks like one main eventer left the company.

It’s been said for a while now that once EC3 and Bobby Lashley’s contract are up with Impact Wrestling, that they are likely headed to WWE. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated Impact Wrestling is cutting a few of their top contracts and due to tightening their belts it looks like this might be true for at least one of the above-mentioned stars because some momentum just went the direction of WWE.

There was a “Feast Or Fired” match tonight during the Impact Wrestling taping. A few people pulled down briefcases with their unknown fates inside at the conclusion of this classic TNA match. They would either be rewarded with a championship match or lose their job.

Moose, Eli Drake, Petey Williams, and EC3 all won briefcases and although everyone revealed a championship match in their future, Carter discovered he was fired. But he didn’t go without a fight.

Ethan Carter III said it wasn’t his briefcase but instead should have gone to Ishimori. The nephew of Dixie Carter went on to say how this ordeal was a joke and although he was told it was very real, the former Impact Champion was obviously in denial while calling Feast Or Fired an “outdated match.”

Before leaving, EC3 said he carried Impact Wrestling on his back for the last four years and in a lot of ways, he’s correct… then he attacked Jeremy Borash. After being one of the top names in Dixie Carter Land for so long, WWE obviously got a second look at the guy they used to call Derrick Bateman.