Finn Balor has a great personality as evidenced by the too sweet friends he’s kept for so long. But this social media post seems to take things to another level if you read it correctly.

WWE was recently in Wichita Falls where Balor sported his grey trunks. During his signature pose on the ropes, someone snapped a pretty good picture of him that Balor felt warranted a social media post.

The first-ever WWE Universal Champion simply said, “50 shades of grey” and hashtagged the event. If this is a very inside joke, then we might allow it. But the depts of our twisted minds want to think Balor was intending for more to be translated from his comment and seemingly direct mention to the very adult-oriented book and film franchise especially considering his pose.

Regardless, we’re giving Finn Balor a point here for making us chuckle no matter what his intention might have been.

This is the kind of story that just warms our hearts. Vickie Guerrero hasn’t been seen on WWE television since 2014 but she is still very much a part of the WWE family. Now it looks like the former Raw Managing Supervisor is adding to her family and she made a pretty good choice.

Guerrero recently updated fans to let them know she decided to take in a four-year-old rescued chihuahua named Kynlee. They got her from the Houston Animal Control and are very happy with the decision so far. But as with all chihuahuas, the honeymoon phase might be over soon enough.

Speaking from experience, I have two chihuahuas and they can be a handful but it’s a pretty safe bet Vickie Guerrero can handle this little pup if she can take being an authority figure in WWE.

Congratulations to Vickie for not only the newest addition to the family but also for adopting a rescue dog who obviously needed somewhere warm to sleep and a “furever family” to go along with it.