Sheamus and Cesaro put the Tag Team Titles on the line against Anderson and Gallows on Raw, and the crowd was really into this one. Sheamus and Cesaro got a pretty decent pop but it was nothing compared to the adoration which this crowd held for The Club. They gave a very serious feeling during the introduction as well, and there was a big match feel in the Verizon Arena .

Sheamus and Cesaro kept the early moments of this match in their favor using Karl Anderson as a punching bag until The Machine Gun was able to make it to Luke Gallows and make the tag.

Gallows took control and performed a little bit of a highlight reel on Cesaro until he was able to make a flying shoulder tackle over the top rope and make the tag. Sheamus carried out some serious power moves in response. These guys were a little stiff with each other.

Sheamus performed the Beats of the Bodhran while Cesaro executed a Cesaro Swing simultaneously, which was fun to watch. The crowd was over on both of these teams equally at this point, as they were just being thoroughly entertained and they loved it.

Gallows and Anderson perform a double team neckbreaker-type move on Sheamus and got a close two count. Cesaro gets the hot tag and he starts clearing house with forearms and starts another Cesaro swing on Anderson. The move was stopped by Gallows and he performed a Swiss-19 instead. Sheamus ended up on the top turnbuckle but he turned his attention toward Gallows on the outside and jumped on him.

Kark Anderson went for a suicide dive but was met with a forearm from Cesaro. The Swiss Superman maintained control when they returned to the ring and he executed a sharpshooter when Gallows came in the Reagan kicked his face off.

Anderson got a close two-count after that blindsided assault from Gallows. After a little bit of business Anderson performed one of his signature spinebusters but the pin was broken up by Sheamus.

After a scuffle Sheamus lost his mind for a moment and pushed the referee down to the mat hard. The Club performed the Magic Killer and a second referee slid down to make a three count.

They started to make the announcement that there were new champs, but Jo-Jo was stopped mid-sentence by the OG referee. The referees fought over what really happened and the original referee walked over and told Jo-Jo that the match was actually a disqualification victory for The Club instead therefore they are not the champions.

The Club were upset, and reasonably so. They took out their aggressions on Sheamus and performed Magic Killer on him. So, it was a moral victory, but Anderson and Gallows didn’t win gold. This looked like a match that should end at the Royal Rumble.