shawn michaels

Shawn Michaels had a very successful career inside the squared circle and one of the things fans often talked about were HBK’s high flying moves. Michaels was often praised for his in-ring ability, but it sounds like he had a problem with former Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson doing similar moves.

Johnson recently appeared on the Pounding the Meat podcast, and he noted that one day Shawn Michaels called him into an office to tell him that he had to stop doing high flying moves.

“One day Shawn called me into a little office and he was like, ‘Ahmed, you’ve gotta stop doing all this high-flying stuff because when you do it at 350 pounds and then I come out and do it, it doesn’t look like I’m doing anything because you just did it.’ So he didn’t like me diving over the top rope and doing all that stuff. I kept doing it, but he didn’t appreciate that at all.”

Ahmed Johnson went on to name Scott Hall as one of the talents who helped him when he added, “The only person that really helped me out was Razor Ramon. Razor Ramon watched backstage my matches. When I got done, when I came out, he would critique my matches for me and tell me what looked good and what didn’t look good.”

H/T Sportskeeda