shawn michaels

Shawn Michaels is a legend in the world of professional wrestling, and his long hair has become iconic over the years, but now it’s gone. Shawn has decided to cut his hair, and the wrestling world is now in shock.

It’s not hard to see why this change is hard for wrestling fans to grasp. It’s like taking the bald head away from Stone Cold, or The People’s Eyebrow away from The Rock, but nevertheless, we’re all going to have to adjust.

The barber from Florida who cut his hair took to social media to talk about the experience of cutting HBK’s hair, and he said it was a privilege.

“Today i had the honor of meeting a childhood hero of mine Shawn Michaels, and getting him ready for Wrestlemania this weekend. Shawn has had the pony tail for over 20 years, and today he had me cut it off and give him a new look. Such a genuine and down to earth guy it was such a privilege being trusted with the famous locks.”