WWE’s Mattel action figures outsold any other action figures in 2017 from Power Rangers to GI Joe which is really unbelievable but it’s the truth. There is a lot of action figure goodness to go around the WWE Universe at this point and some exciting additions are on the way as well.

With so many amazing talents coming into NXT on a regular basis there’s a lot of room for more people to scan and it looks like they’re not wasting any more time getting things prepared for a new line of action figures.

WWE recently put out a video update showing the process of some amazing upcoming figures. Plenty of Superstars from NXT were shown getting face scans and there are too many to really name here without turning this entire article into a list, but if you watch the video you’ll know what I’m talking about.

It’s interesting to note that Ricochet wasn’t shown getting his face scanned which is a real disappointment so hopefully, the WWE’s camera just didn’t catch him getting it done for whatever reason. After all, it would be wise if WWE didn’t take their time putting out a Ricochet action figure.

It is also amusing that Tommaso Ciampa took part in the action figure scanning process when his on-screen character might have a problem with the entire ordeal.

But it’s awesome to know that Undisputed Era action figures are that much closer to becoming a reality for WWE’s Mattel line of action figures. It is said that they like to have the scans already done for when people debut on television so War Machine’s WWE figures might be coming sooner than later as well.

So if you think you already have all the WWE action figures you’d ever need, just wait because plenty more are on the way.

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