shane mcmahon

WWE is a family business, and the McMahons are the most infamous family in the industry.

Stephanie McMahon is currently he Commissioner of Monday Night Raw, and even though Shane hasn’t been appearing on SmackDown Live as of late, he’s still the Commissioner of the blue brand.

Shane and Stephanie have been involved with the business for decades now, and it sounds like a new generation of McMahons could be following in their footsteps.

Shane McMahon recently appeared on Opie Radio, and he said that his kids constantly give him suggestions for booking ideas, and they also send the ideas to Vince McMahon.

“They talk about it,” Shane said via Pro Wrestling Sheet. “They LOVE it! They give me suggestions. Like, ‘This is what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna call Pop, because’ — that’s what they call my dad — ‘I’m gonna call Pop because that was crap’ or ‘I loved this thing and this is what they should do.’ And then they’ll call pop or text him.”

Shane went on to say that, “it’s probably gonna happen” when asked if his kids are going to end up joining the business.

The full episode can be heard below.