chris jericho

A few months ago when WWE announced the Greatest Royal Rumble, a Casket Match featuring Rusev vs. The Undertaker was added to the card, but Rusev was later pulled then replaced by Chris Jericho.

After Jericho was added to the match, another plot twist occurred, as Jericho was pulled and then Rusev was placed in the match once again.

Chris Jericho recently talked about why he thinks he was pulled from the match, and he said that he believes Vince McMahon pulled him because he was also working with New Japan Pro Wrestling (via

“I would think that possibly knowing Vince, from once again New Japan is an enemy. if it’s gonna make any difference? No, but to him like I said if it takes one buy from Network that goes to New Japan World, it’s the enemy.

I think that he probably thought ‘i’m not gonna put Jericho in this highlight match where he has the chance to steal the show, I know him and Undertaker will kill it. I don’t wanna do that.’”

The full clip can be seen below.