With each passing day the Royal Rumble is getting closer and closer, and everyone’s talking about who might enter the 2017 Royal Rumble match as a surprise entrant. For weeks now fans have been talking about who they want to see make a surprise appearance, but the fans aren’t the only ones talking, as the stars of the WWE are getting in on the fun too.

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WWE recently interviewed the stars of Raw and SmackDown and asked them who they want to see appear in the Royal Rumble match, and the WWE roster shared some interesting picks. The Miz let the world know that he wants Ryan Gosling to appear for some reason, and Renee Young offered up the Boogeyman as a possible surprise entrant. Sasha Banks also named Tye Dillinger as someone she would like to see, but it was Seth Rollins who shared the most interesting pick.

When asked who he wants to see in the Royal Rumble, Seth Rollins wasted no time mentioning Kenny Omega. Rollins hyped up the Kenny Omega rumors, and noted how Omega’s future is up in the air. Check it out below.

UPDATE: The video has been edited by WWE, and no longer contains the Kenny Omega reference. But of course nothing ever really gets removed from the internet, and you can check out the clip of Rollins mentioning Omega, along with the edited version below.

Of course a Kenny Omega Royal Rumble appearance is extremely unlikely at this point, as it’s been reported that his contract with NJPW doesn’t expire until January 31st, and the Royal Rumble takes place on January 29th. Omega is also booked at a wrestling event in Chile the night before the Royal Rumble.

Regardless of Kenny Omega’s current contract status with NJPW, it’s still interesting to note that WWE acknowledged him in the video.

Triple H was recently asked if he’s interested in signing Kenny Omega, and he confirmed that he is. So it will be interesting to see whether Kenny Omega signs a new contract with NJPW, or makes his way to WWE.

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