seth rollins

Seth Rollins has used the Curb Stomp, and the Pedigree as his finisher during his WWE run, but he recently started using a new finishing move that looks similar to Kenny Omega’s Rain Trigger, and when fans brought it to Omega’s attention, he responded with the following:

Omega later elaborated on the subject during an interview, and he said that he’s cool with Seth Rollins using the move.

“I’m cool with it. Examining their execution, it hardly appears like the same move anyway. Now in 2017, almost every move has been created. To make something ‘new’, sometimes the only way is to add your own spin to a pre-existing move. I have a fairly original move set, but I do have a dragon suplex in my arsenal. I make that look fresh by adding a snap and keeping it low to the ground. It looks original, but at the end of the day, it is just a dragon suplex.”

Now Seth Rollins has ironically found himself on the other end of a similar situation, as a NJPW star has started using one of his old moves.

KUSHIDA recently revealed on Twitter that he’s using a small package driver and calling it Back to the Future.

It’s not clear whether or not Seth Rollins is upset about the fact that KUSHIDA is using the move, but it’s pretty clear that he’s not happy KUSHIDA has renamed it.

Seth Rollins used to use the move as his finisher during his independent days, and he dubbed the move God’s Last Gift. You can see it in action below.