kenny omega

Seth Rollins has used a few different finishing moves throughout his career including the Curb Stomp and the Pedigree, but the Kingslayer recently introduced a new one. Seth’s new finishing move looks a lot like Kenny Omega’s Rain Trigger, and as soon as Seth started using the move on Raw, fans immediately took notice.

When Seth’s new finisher was brought to Kenny Omega’s attention, he told fans that he wasn’t upset. During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Omega elaborated on the subject saying that he’s ok with people put their own spin on his moves.

“I’m cool with it. Examining their execution, it hardly appears like the same move anyway. Now in 2017, almost every move has been created. To make something ‘new’, sometimes the only way is to add your own spin to a pre-existing move. I have a fairly original move set, but I do have a dragon suplex in my arsenal. I make that look fresh by adding a snap and keeping it low to the ground. It looks original, but at the end of the day, it is just a dragon suplex.”

Earlier this year it was rumored that Kenny Omega was considering making the jump to WWE, and when asked if there was ever any real chance of him signing with the company, Omega declined to comment.

For now he’s sticking with NJPW and the company has big plans to expand into the United States. Omega is a name that many people feel is essential to NJPW’s growth going forward and he’s focused on helping the company put on the best shows possible.

“I know that I’m the key and accept all responsibility that comes with being in that position. My vision extends way beyond the bounds of what anyone else on the roster or office are thinking, and I absolutely always have the fans’ best interest in mind. Every performance since I’ve gotten the ball has been an example of the excitement I want to bring as the company’s focus.”