The Cinderella story of Jinder Mahal ended at Backlash in a very good way for the Maharaja. With the help of the Singh Brothers India’s hero became the new WWE World Champion. Randy Orton tried as hard as he could, but Jinder Mahal came down with the win. 1.3 billion people in India celebrated as their hero Jinder Mahal walked away with the WWE World Championship.

Randy Orton wasn’t seen on SmackDown Live’s television show this week, but Shane McMahon announced Orton’s rematch for the WWE World Championship at Money In The Bank. It’s a good thing WWE is honoring Randy Orton’s rematch clause since AJ Styles is still waiting for his rematch.

Even though Randy wasn’t on TV this week the live crowd still got to see Randy Orton make an appearance. In the dark match that followed 205 Live’s taping the new WWE Champion Jinder Mahal squared off against Randy Orton in a one on one contest.

Thanks to Brian The Guppie, we can enjoy the match meant only for the live crowd. The following video is made up of several shots from the match. It is a great highlight video and it gives us a pretty good idea how they’re working together.

Unfortunately, the match did not have a real ending. Just after Randy Orton pulled off his signature RKO, the Singh Brothers jumped in the ring and assaulted The Viper. Orton still won the match, but it was via DQ.

PW Insider reports that Randy Orton has been pulled from the next two weeks of WWE live shows but he’ll still be working television tapings. He was obviously in the building in Toledo, but didn’t show up on TV. But Randy Orton still made an appearance to put on one heck of a match for the live crowd. Thanks to modern day technology and social media we can enjoy their match too.