It was announced earlier today that Seth Rollins suffered an injury this week on Raw, and when WWE sent out a push notification via the WWE app, it raised a lot of questions about Seth’s current condition.

WWE had previously broken stories like Daniel Bryan’s retirement much in the same way, therefore fans were worried. It turns out that they had reason to worry. Seth Rollins re-injured his knee when he was attacked by Samoa Joe.

The Architect himself, sent out a status update via Twitter that features an image nobody wanted to see. All thoughts of this being a work are gone, and replaced with a great fear that WrestleMania might have lost one of its most anticipated main event match-ups.

Seth Rollins posted the following:

Samoa Joe doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to injuring people. He is notoriously stiff in the ring and his move-set is not only punishing, but extremely physically demanding to anyone working with him.

During a dark match against Tyson Kidd, Joe accidentally broke Kidd’s neck and possibly ended the former Hart Dynasty member’s career with a muscle buster. Although blame can’t be fully placed on Joe, it still remains a blemish on his reputation.

Now the Samoan Submission Machine faces the stigma of hurting another WWE superstar, and not to diminish Tyson Kidd (because he is really missed), this injury is a much higher profile one. Not only that, but it also takes away the possibility of one of WrestleMania’s big money match-ups.

Essentially all of that build since August with Triple H vs. Seth Rollins might have all been for naught.

It is possible that Seth could return from this injury in time for Mania, but cards aren’t on the table, and at this point they haven’t been dealt or even shuffled.

The fact at this point is that the night after Royal Rumble, a pay-per-view which Rollins was made to sit out of entirely due to story-line reasons concerning the rivalry with Triple H and Seth’s invasion of Saturday night’s Takeover event might have been his last WWE appearance for a while.

Samoa Joe took to Twitter this morning to post his immediate thoughts on the announcement of Seth Rollins’ injury.

After that, he followed it up about twenty minutes later with another simple message to fans who might be upset about Rollins.

On a related note, Samoa Joe changed his Twitter name from “Southsea Strangler” to simply, “The Destroyer.”

It is good that Joe is staying in character by keeping kayfabe. He is a heel and this news will shoot him to the echelon of the heel rankings on the Raw roster, but nobody can disagree that these are not ideal circumstances.

Samoa Joe re-injured Seth Rollins’ knee upon his debut on the WWE main roster. Rollins is reportedly being examined right now, but the possibility remains that The Architect might miss two WrestleManias consecutively. Those are the facts, and that’s all we know at this point. As soon as we here at Still Real To Us find new information, we swear that you’ll be the first to know.

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