Back in 2020, Seth Rollins took the role of the Monday Night Messiah and after a while he began recruiting followers. Rollins formed an alliance with notable names such as Authors of Pain, Buddy Matthews (formerly known as Buddy Murphy) and Austin Theory. However, Seth’s attempt at putting a stable together ended up falling apart before it could really get going.

The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion was asked about the original plans for the group during an interview with Daily Mail, and he said that he thinks the stable had the chance to dominate WWE, but other things kept getting in the way.

“Oh yeah. The character of the Monday Night Messiah was very much a cult leader, very much a spiritual guide and a mentor – all those things. You look at the talent I was able to bring in under that tree, but everything just kept going sideways. There were injuries and then the pandemic happened, there was talent shifting from the main roster to NXT and everything was just uncertain.

Then it reached its peak with the story with Rey Mysterio and Dominik and all that and there really wasn’t anywhere else for it to go because it had been decimated throughout the year 2020. I think it had a lot of legs, I think what you saw was it just getting started in early 2020, I think we had the chance to be one of the most dominant stables in WWE at the time, this was pre-Bloodline as well. I would have been very interesting to see had we kept going, where everybody would have landed. It’s a fun little fantasy booking experiment to see what that stable against The Bloodline would have looked like, it would have been really interesting. But it’s just one of those, it is what it is, it happens and people have to adapt, stuff changes and you have to make the best of it.”

Obviously we’ll never know how things could have worked out for this stable as AOP and Buddy are no longer with WWE. Seth Rollins and Austin Theory however seem to be doing quite well for themselves at the moment.

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