Seth Rollins appeared on KS 107.5 in Denver to promote the first live Raw since the Royal Rumble. Here are the highlights:

* Rollins said that the altitude in Denver usually takes a few days to adapt to, and they’re never there more than a day or two, so it can be rough. He also put over Triple H’s big announcement on tonight’s show.

* Rollins said he can’t even remember the impact of his elbow drop on Lesnar, but remembers seeing the crowd come to their feet after he climbed to the top rope. He said the adrenaline kept him from being able to tell if he was even injured following the huge bump.

* On Lesnar: “He’s a special case. I’ve been wrestling for ten years, and been in the ring with a lot of strong, fast guys. I’ve never been in the ring with someone who has the combination of speed and power of Brock Lesnar. He’s maybe the freakiest athlete I’ve seen in my whole life. You don’t fully understand until you’re in his reach. It’s a humbling feeling.”

* Rollins said that if he had to bet, he’d pick Brock Lesnar over Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31.

* On Money In The Bank: “I stole the show (at the Royal Rumble), and I’ve still got Plan B. When the time, place, and setting is right, I’ll cash it in.”

* When asked about Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast tonight with Triple H, and the previous episode with Vince McMahon, Rollins said “I sent Steve a text that night. Vince is such a guarded person, and he’s not easy to get answers out of. He asked him about the Macho Man thing and the brass ring stuff and really pushed the envelope. I’m really looking forward to tonight. Triple H is a little bit more candid.”

* Rollins is asked when he’s going to cash in his briefcase, and Rollins points to Lesnar’s limited schedule as a wrench in his plans. He said that he has a few ideas in mind, but he is pretty much restricted to when Lesnar is around to cash in.

* On the WWE Network, Rollins said, “fans are much smarter than they were in 1986. We have to evolve, progress our industry. Shows like Total Divas and WWE 24, that’s a lot of what our fanbase is clamoring for. Sometimes what happens behind the scenes is more interesting. I think it helps it a lot, it creates a different connection with the audience.” He also puts over the price of the Network compared to a normal PPV cost.