seth rollins

Seth Rollins and Triple H have been building towards a WrestleMania match since August last year when Triple H decided to turn on his former friend and ally and cost him the Universal Championship.

The rivalry has encountered a few obstacles along the way, such as when Rollins was injured by Samoa Joe a few weeks ago on Raw and many thought that he would be unable to compete at WrestleMania due to the injury he suffered to his surgically repaired knee.

According to PWInsider, Seth Rollins is in Green Bay for Raw this week and it is thought that he could be doing more than just a sit down interview with Michael Cole. Seth Rollins wants Triple H and even if WWE add to the storyline by saying that Rollins isn’t medically cleared, but he’s going to compete anyway, that will give him even more of a babyface push. has already teased that Rollins is “unlikely” to compete on April 2nd, which could all be part of a storyline.

WrestleMania is just over a month away, WWE could easily build the next few weeks without Rollins needing to wrestle. Triple H could respond next week, then there are only three weeks of build up left and by the time Rollins is needed on TV he would be able to compete.

This match was supposed to happen at WrestleMania last year, but it didn’t because Rollins was injured, it needs to happen this year if WWE has any hopes of ending this feud on a high note. It’s already been going on for more than a year, hopefully, tonight’s Raw will be a clever swerve to prove that much like Triple H, the Architect also always has a Plan B.