Neville has been a hot topic over the last few weeks after he reportedly walked out of Raw. Neville hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since, but WWE officials have refused to release him from his contract.

It was recently reported that the two sides have opened up a line of communication, and it looks like there’s a chance that the former Cruiserweight Champion could be returning sooner than later.

Of course nothing happens until it happens, but the fact that there’s now hope for a situation that once seemed hopeless is an encouraging sign.

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Sean Waltman recently opened up about Neville’s potential return on his show X-Pac 12360, and he noted that creative satisfaction in the wrestling business is highly underrated.

“I’m very happy to know that they have ironed everything out… Here’s the thing, it’s not about how much money you can make on the indies it’s about your sanity. It’s about when you get back there (WWE) and they start F’ing with you and burying you. You can go, crazy dude. Creative satisfaction is highly underrated. Highly, it’s right up there with money. Pretty close.”

If Neville does return it will definitely be interesting to see how he’s used. Will he return to the cruiserweight division? Will he wrestle with the rest of the roster on Raw? Will he return at all? Only time will tell.