matt hardy

Matt Hardy was one of the most talked about wrestlers about the beginning of 2017 thanks to the success of the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick. But here we are nearing the end of 2017, and it seems that Hardy has been lost in the shuffle on the Raw roster.

Matt is a man who seems to have plenty of ideas for his character, but he hasn’t been able to use those ideas. In any case, when he first returned to WWE, fans had high hopes that they would see the Broken Matt Hardy character on WWE programming, but due to the legal battle with Impact Wrestling over the rights to the gimmick, fans have yet to see Broken Matt inside a WWE ring.

Matt Hardy recently filed to trademark the gimmick once again, and now PWInsider is reporting that the trademark will be published for opposition on December 19th.

After it is published for opposition, any parties who wish to oppose the trademark such as Anthem/Impact will have a 30 day window to do so.

If no one opposes the trademark, then the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick will belong to Matt, and he’ll be free to use it wherever he wants.

If you watched the rise of the Broken Universe then you probably know how much heart and soul Matt Hardy’s vessel put into making something fun for wrestling fans to enjoy, so here’s to hoping he gets his baby back.