sean waltman

Fans and friends of Sean Waltman became concerned after IPW announced that not only had Waltman missed an event that he was booked for, he didn’t even board his flight. People thought that Waltman had gone missing, but a few of his friends later took to Twitter to assure fans that he was fine.

Related: Sean Waltman On If He Thinks Shane McMahon Could Do MMA, ECW Original Undergoes Surgery is now reporting that Sean Waltman missed the IPW event because he was arrested at the airport in Los Angeles before he boarded his flight on Saturday 4/29 at 12:45 am. Waltman has reportedly been charged with a felony, and his bail is set at $35,000. At this point there’s no word on what felony he’s being charged with.

Waltman unfortunately has a history with substance abuse, and some fans feared that his disappearance meant that he might have relapsed, but that’s not the case.

Amidst all the rumors and chatter, Waltman took to Twitter to let fans know that he’s still strong and healthy, and he has not relapsed.

Sounds like a complicated situation for the former WWE Intercontinental Champion, so we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out. Stay tuned for updates.