Lucha Underground star Brian Cage recently spoke with WSVN’s Chris Van Vliet about whether or not he wants to wrestle at WrestleMania and more. You can check out the full interview here along with some highlights below.

Working in Lucha Underground: “It’s been the best place. It’s undoubtedly the best treatment and the most fun. It finally feels like how I thought it would feel to be a pro wrestler.”

His goal: “I wouldn’t be opposed to going back to WWE, but if it doesn’t happen for me I’m fine with that. Obviously that would be rad but truth be told at this moment, this very second, my goal would be to go to New Japan than it would be to work WrestleMania… I mean f–king Snooki was at WrestleMania. Snooki’s not going to be at the Tokyo Dome.”

Over the weekend Scott Hall was involved in an altercation at an airport bar and you can get more on that here.

Following the altercation, Scott Hall thanked fans for their support on social media, and you can see what he had to say below: