Rumors and reports about a possible Chris Benoit biopic have been floating around the internet for years, but recently things have been quiet, until now.

Lexi Alexander announced on Twitter that she has signed on to direct the film. Alexander is known for her work on movies such as “Punisher: War Zone,” “Green Street Hooligans,” and she’s also worked on television shows such as “Arrow” and “Supergirl.”

As of right now not much is known about the film, such as when it will go into production etc. Alexander noted on Twitter that the announcement about her involvement with the film was supposed to be revealed via a press release, so hopefully there’s more information on the way.

Alexander’s fans on Twitter seem to be thrilled about the announcement as she’s been retweeting positive messages from her supporters.

Lexi also noted that she would not have said yes to a “irresponsible script.”

As of right now the movie, which is supposedly set to be titled “Crossface” is simply listed as “in development” on IMDB and no actors have been confirmed for the film.