sasha banks

For weeks now it’s been rumored that Sasha Banks would be making her NJPW debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17 and it finally happened on Wednesday. Banks made her way out to the ring after the IWGP Women’s Championship match and revealed that her new name will be Mercedes Mone. She debuted with a new look and new entrance music as well.

Mercedes Mone got in the ring and she dropped Kairi shortly after they came face to face. The former WWE star then got on the mic and congratulated Kairi for making history. She said that she also knows a thing or two about making history, and she’s here to make more history in NJPW and Stardom. Mone called herself the standard, the blueprint and the CEO of the NJPW women’s division. She finished up by saying at NJPW Battle in the Valley in San Jose she’s going to leave Kairi bankrupt.

Bayley traveled to Japan to support Mercedes Mone and she reacted to the big debut when she posted the following on Twitter:

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.