sasha banks

Bayley defends her Women’s Championship against both Charlotte and her best friend Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 33 in less than two weeks time.

Charlotte has stated that Sasha Banks has been using Bayley over the past few weeks so that she can regain her championship since she wasn’t allowed a rematch following her defeat to Charlotte at Roadblock: End of The Line last December.

Sasha has ben rumored to be turning heel in the coming weeks so that she can step into a feud with Bayley following WrestleMania, and it is thought that Charlotte will be busy with Dana Brooke.

Other than online rumors, the WWE Universe haven’t seen much from Sasha to back this up, but this past weekend when WWE travelled to Syracuse, NY, Sasha and Bayley picked up the win over Charlotte and Nia Jax in just over 10 minutes.

As Bayley was celebrating the win, rather than celebrate with her friend, Sasha stood behind her and merely motioned that she was coming for that championship, making the title gesture around her waist whilst Bayley stood on the ropes with her title.

It seems as though the women’s division could be set for an interesting few weeks as it turns the final corner on the Road to WrestleMania.

The celebrations following their victory can be seen in the fan posted Twitter video below.