There’s a rumor floating around the internet right now, and according to the rumor, Bo Dallas was kicked off a plane for being intoxicated.

The rumor comes from Twitter user @StevenFnBell, who hosts The Late Shift podcast which you can check out here. Steven shared details about an incident involving Dallas at DFW airport.

According to the story, Dallas was kicked off a plane for being too intoxicated, and he told everyone to “go f*** themselves” before exiting the flight. Apparently Bo had a bad night, and he was escorted from the terminal, but he was not arrested.

According to Bell he also heard Bo Dallas drunkenly singing a song from “The Lion King.”

Luckily Bell was nice enough to answer the question that everyone’s been asking.

WWE has yet to comment on the incident so it’s just a rumor for now, but you can get more details on the airport incident below.