Superstars love to change up their look to keep characters fresh and it is sometimes essential for survival. But someone like Rosemary is always going to alter her look slightly depending on what mood she’s in.

Although she might be best-known for having Sexy Star shoot on her at TripleMania this year, Rosemary is worth paying a lot of attention to and deserved a look way before Sexy Star popped her shoulder out of place in a shoot armbar.

The Impact Wrestling Knockout recently posted an image on Instagram where she’s sporting a much different look and it’s a pretty sick one at that. You could say she’s borrowing from Finn Balor’s demon character but in reality, Balor kind of borrowed this look from Venom. But she dropped the line, “all Demons have a kinship love of Symbiotes” so take that for what it’s worth.

No matter who she credits for this updated look it’s pretty sick, to say the least. I just wonder if she ever wrestles using this look that she’ll have a different move set and improved overall rating like Balor and The Demon in WWE 2K18. Apparently, makeup makes a huge difference.

It’s still a really nice look for Rosemary and fits her quite well. Although the incident at TripleMania might have been a painful one, it really did wonders for her career. If Rosemary starts sporting extreme looks like this on a more regular basis it could put her on another level entirely (as if her look wasn’t already sick enough). She’s certainly someone to watch.

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