WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns recently spoke to the Inquirer and he talked about his run with The Shield and more. You can check out the full interview here along with some highlights below.

The Shield paving the way for the New Era: “It’s not talked about too often because of NXT and how big that product became and just the wave of new talent from NXT. It really shined through. But something a lot of people missed was The Shield is actually kind of the beginning of the new era. We kind of paved the road and took the bumps and made this process a lot smoother for those guys as well.”

The Shield triple threat match at Battleground: “It’s hard to know if the match is exactly what you wanted it to be, if it lived up to what you thought it might be. It’s such a hard scenario, but I think all three of us went out there and had a pretty good performance,”

A possible Shield reunion: “I would never say never. I think we’re all very happy with where we’re at. It’s going to take something drastic, something huge in the WWE to bring The Shield back. I think nothing’s impossible in the WWE. As we always say, stay tuned.”