the shield

The Shield is without a doubt one of the most popular WWE stables of all time, but all three members are off doing their own thing right now.

Roman Reigns has come a long way over the last few years, and so have his cousins The Usos. During a recent interview with Give Me Sport, Reigns talked about the progress they’ve made and he also teased the idea of forming a Samoan Shield.

“That was their way, I gotta do things my way, over time you’ll slowly see continuous evolution and continuous growth. But If I had a hype man to help me out in every other line I said, that would be really nice. I’m super proud of them; I know their dad is and all our family is. And I’m excited not only to see where they go but also where I go. You never know, the story is there, it’s easy. We all represent the same bloodline, we all represent the same family, so it would be pretty cool maybe one day if…if there was a Samoan Shield.”

The Usos are currently on SmackDown Live, and Roman Reigns is currently on Raw, so if they do ever come together to form a Samoan Shield it’s safe to say that it won’t be happening any time soon.

Would you be interested in seeing Reigns and The Usos form a Samoan Shield? Sound off in the comments below.