You never know what might trigger someone especially if they’re a former cast member of Saved By The Bell. Christian recently opened up about a little situation he had with Dustin Diamond where he accidentally called him a name he doesn’t appreciate.

Diamond transformed his passion into something totally new since Saved By The Bell ended transitioning into a stand-up comedy career. So Dustin Diamond is not too happy about people only acknowledging the work he did as a child star because he’s put a lot of work into other art forms since then.

It seems like Christian made the mistake of calling Dustin Diamond by his Bayside name and it almost turned into a sticky situation with the Saved By The Bell star.

“I met Dustin Diamond once from Saved By The Bell and I did call him Screech,” Christian said on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness. “I almost got into a big argument with Screech… So, we were at WrestleMania in Anaheim, whatever number that was.”

“We stole the show, that’s all that matters and yeah, we got richer. So we were walking backstage earlier in the day. Like, I’m a huge Saved By The Bell [fan]. I love cheesy, corny, like, TV shows, right? So I was a huge Saved By The Bell fan, still am.”

“So I see Screech there, so I’m like, ‘man…’ I walk up to him and say, ‘excuse me, Screech. Man, I’m such a big fan of you and the show.’ And he turns around and goes, ‘Yeah, okay,’ and he turns back around and was kind of a d-ck.”

Thankfully, The Rated R Superstar was around to step in before things got even more heated after Diamond didn’t react well to being called the S-Word.

“And he’s backstage at our show,” Christian continued. So, [Edge] kind of goes, ‘hey,’ so [Edge], who is a bit of a hothead here, he goes, ‘hey, mother effer,’ he goes, ‘he’s not trying to be a dick! He loves Saved By The Bell. He’s a huge fan!'”

“And Screech goes, ‘oh man, I’m sorry. I thought you were making fun of me.’ I was like, ‘no, I wasn’t.’ So then, we started talking to him and we kind of hit it off and had a pretty funny conversation, and that was that. That’s my Screech story.”

The fact is Dustin Diamond is a pretty good guy once he puts his guard down. But his childhood in acting on Saved By The Bell followed by a sudden drop in popularity and the stigma of forever being known for his part in a teen comedy stifled his career which would make anyone bitter in a way.

Thankfully, Edge and Christian were able to defuse the situation and get to know Dustin Diamond as they cooled down from their match on the Grandest Stage Of Them All.

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