The Total Bellas season three premiere was packed full of events and little tidbits of information. As the picture continues to be painted in this complicated situation it gets even more interesting as the complexities are unveiled for these interesting characters we already know so well.

John Cena and Nikki Bella’s wedding wasn’t supposed to be in Mexico. Nikki said she wanted it to take place in West Newbury MA where Cena is from. But Brie Bella realized that Nikki was just doing this for John Cena. Brie said her and Nikki have talked about weddings for a long time and she knows that’s not where Nikki wants to get married.

Nikki Bella later started thinking about having a wedding in Napa. They looked at a possible location while the Bella Twins were out on a business meeting with some people working on their wine company, Belle Radici.

John Cena has lightened up on his OCD policies a little bit. He didn’t seem to be as weird about the house rules and even let people wear their shoes inside which is a pretty big deal.

Daniel Bryan upset Brie Bella when he took Birdie Joe on a carousel without her. But it sounds like it was a fair trade because Daniel Bryan later revealed that he wasn’t present the day Birdie Joe crawled for the first time.

Daniel Bryan later brought this idea to another level when he took Birdie Joe to a swimming pool for the first time while Brie was out on a wine-related business trip. Momma Bella held a camera and they recorded a video for Brie to watch later. But Brie Bella still wasn’t very happy about missing out on this event either. She later realized that she can’t be Wonder Woman and still be there for every event in Birdie Joe’s life and wasn’t satisfied with her mother’s shaky Handycam version of her daughter’s first swim.

Nikki Bella revealed her engagement ring required “bumpers” because the ring Cena bought for her was too big. She didn’t want to get it fixed because she didn’t want to give up her wedding ring for the time it would take to get it to fit her. Nikki commented about how long she waited to get it in the first place.

Later on, Brie Bella confronted Nikki about how she is giving in to every one of John Cena’s requests. Nikki said she doesn’t want to fight with Cena and obviously didn’t want to ruin the wedding. Brie said that she was going to talk to John for her sister and after being convinced not to confront him they dropped the subject for another day. But Nikki Bella and Brie had a conversation later on where Nikki admitted she wanted to be a mom and had spoken to Cena about it who shot it down once again. This didn’t make Brie Bella too happy either.

Nikki Bella said she hasn’t seen Cena a lot recently due to his busy schedule. She said in the last six months she hasn’t slept in the same bed as him 30 or 40 times tops. This caused Nikki to be a little sad when she saw her brother JJ or sister Brie with their wife and husband so much.

To cap off the episode, the Total Bellas cast sat down with one of their traditional formal dinners. Cena said the reason why he wanted them to do this is that his family never got to do that kind of thing. Then he said there are no more house rules like there was last season. So it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Cena flip out over some spilled wine anymore.

Season three of Total Bellas looks like it’s going to be a huge season full of great moments about these people we’ve been following for years.


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