roman reigns

Roman Reigns recently made his return to WWE, and he’s been on a roll over the last few weeks.

The Big Dog reunited with his Shield brothers at Fastlane, and together they defeated the team of Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin.

Roman Reigns is a character the fans are very familiar with, as he’s been pushed as one of WWE’s top stars for several years now. But Reigns recently revealed on the Sports Illustrated Media podcast that he’s hoping to make some changes to his character in the future.

“But also with the storylines and character, because we have introduced Joe, especially last week, I felt like there was a lot of Joe within the promo of Segment One. Even with the interaction with Seth [Rollins], I just feel like with me integrating the characters and who I am in real life and who I am on stage, for me to kind of mix them, it allows me to laugh at Roman a little bit and have a little more fun and be a little more loose as opposed to the stoic brawler. If you know me in real life, I’m kinda like my cousins [The Usos], I’m a bit of a clown, I act up, we goof off a lot. We’re silly. We’re big kids. We’re always goofing around, trying to laugh. If I can add that in the next couple of years, those layers of being chilled out, little more comedy, a few different emotions, I think that would be pretty neat.”

Do you want to see Roman bring more of Joe into his on screen persona? Sound off in the comments below.

H/T Wrestling Inc.