roman reigns

Last week on WWE SmackDown Live, some steel beams came crashing down on Roman Reigns while he was walking backstage, and WWE later revealed that an investigation determined the incident was caused by a forklift operator error.

On Monday night Roman Reigns was involved in a hit and run, so when he showed up to SmackDown on Tuesday he was looking for answers.

Roman interrogated Buddy Murphy and eventually beat a confession out of him. Murphy claimed that it was Erick Rowan who was behind the forklift incident, and now The Big Dog is looking for an apology.

Roman posted the following on Twitter:

“Looks like I had to beat a confession out of @WWE_Murphy, I’ll have no problem beating an explanation and an apology out of you. @ERICKROWAN #SDLive”

A SummerSlam match for Roman Reigns was not announced on SmackDown Live this week, but it’ rumored that he could be facing Daniel Bryan on Sunday.