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The big main event for TLC needed to be changed at the last minute but it actually turned out for the best in some ways.

It was unfortunate Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt had to be pulled from the show, but fans were treated to Kurt Angle’s in-ring return which was exciting and they used him well. Not only did the Olympic Hero come off looking incredibly strong, but he also spoke on Raw Talk about how there are likely to be more matches to come.

But everyone is still worried about Roman Reigns. Dave Meltzer spoke about Reigns on Wrestling Observer Radio following the TLC pay-per-view event where he confirmed The Big Dog had the mumps and everyone on the Raw brand roster was immunized on Thursday. But even though the rest of the Red Team were ordered to get injections for immunization on Thursday it doesn’t mean everyone is in the clear just yet.

Meltzer said there is still a fear within WWE that more illnesses could be on the way.

After all, early symptoms for the mumps can be the same as what anyone would feel the night after a grueling match in the ring. Soreness, headaches, and fatigue are all parts of any WWE Superstar’s daily life.

“They’re going to evaluate (Dallas, Wyatt, and Reigns) a week from Monday is what I’ve heard,” Meltzer said. That would put their check-ups on October 30th in case you don’t have a calendar handy. “That was the plan as of this morning.”

Depending on how severe the mumps issue is, Roman Reigns’ return to action could be a long or short stint at home. But WWE also needs to consider how they’d work The Big Dog into any television storylines as well.

It is certainly a tricky puzzle and it might get even harder to move things around if WWE loses even more pieces of the Raw brand. Let’s just hope everyone else can maintain a clean bill of health so they can carry on because a Braun Strowman babyface turn coupled with a newly revived in-ring career of Kurt Angle certainly makes for some interesting developments down the line.

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  1. Every other report (literally) has the illness as Viral Meningitis, which is more severe than Mumps, plus most people are vaccinated against Mumps