brodus clay

Over the years fans have seen many stars come and go from WWE and the roster is always changing. Sometimes wrestlers who seem as if they could become stars end up fizzling out despite how hard they’re pushed, and unfortunately that’s what happened to Brodus Clay during his WWE run.

Brodus Clay is a massive man, and for weeks WWE promoted him as a monster, but then the decision was made to have him sing and dance, and when he showed up on TV he became the Funkasaurus.

Funkasaurus received a pretty healthy push for a while, but ultimately it didn’t go anywhere. Former WWE writer Kevin Eck recently appeared on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, and he noted that Clay’s push died after Vince McMahon noticed that he wasn’t fully embracing the gimmick (H/T to WrestlingInc for the transcription).

“If you remember we had the endless vignettes of ‘Coming Soon Brodus Clay.’ You just look at the guy and think that he is going to be a monster. Vince just got it in his mind one day, ‘I wonder if the guy can sing and dance.’ What if we go in another direction? Then you had the birth of the Funkasaurus, and Vince was really behind the guy, but his push kind of died and it was because of his attitude,” Eck said. “Vince saw a guy who wasn’t completely not 100% embracing the gimmick; he also wished for him to lose weight. It’s up to the guys a lot of times, and Vince will say that it may sound cliche where he says he will give you the opportunity and it’s up to you to do something with it, and he feels like he gave Brodus Clay a golden opportunity and that in his mind Clay dropped the ball.”

It’s hard to imagine that any wrestler would be excited to take on the Funkasaurus gimmick, as it was just about as goofy as a gimmick could get.

After Brodus Clay was released in 2014, he joined TNA as Tyrus.

However, he recently parted ways with the company after speaking out saying that he didn’t feel he was being used properly.