Before the Universal Title match kicked off, Kevin Owens implored his best friend to come to the ring with him, but Jericho decided to hang out at the announce table so Owens limped to the ring by himself. Braun Strowman really is a crazy scary looking guy, and he’s really personable as well. If you don’t believe me, listen to the podcast he did with Steve Austin, and try to tell me he doesn’t have a bright future in this business.

Kevin Owens made his way out into the arena and Braun Strowman came out next, but instead of going to the ring, Braun decided to take a detour during his entrance and slam Jericho through the announce table. It turns out that hanging back at the announce table was not a good plan for Y2J.

Braun Strowman showed some real intelligence by taking Jericho out. The Monster Among Men is learning. This match had a big match feel to it and JoJo gave it the full treatment.

As soon as the bell rang, Kevin Owens bolted out of the ring. Braun followed and Kevin ended up getting back inside as he made an attempt to use the high ground to his advantage. Unfortunately for Owens it failed. It is different to see Kevin fight a man bigger than him, and Braun Strowman is huge. He threw Kevin around like a rag doll and sent Owens to the outside.

Once outside Kevin took some abuse on the barricade, and Owens tried to back away as Strowman kept up his assault. When they got back inside Braun hit Owens with a chop to the chest.

They went back to the outside and Owens gained a small advantage as he dodged out of the way of a charging Stowman, which caused Strowman to smash into the ring post. He then performed a cannonball smash on Braun, and sent him back in the ring. Owens hit him with a senton and a frog splash. Then Strowman grabbed Owens off the top rope and hit him with a running power slam.

Kevin looked hurt, and Braun looked like he was ready to finish the match off with a victory.

But, once it looked like it was going to be Braun’s time, then Roman Reigns’ music hit. Reigns came down and a staredown commenced. Roman superman punched Strowman and the match was over, as it was ruled a DQ due to the interference.

Roman continued his attack on Braun by spearing him off of the ring steps. Roman really interrupted a match that this writer wouldn’t mind seeing on a bigger stage.

Next, Reigns jumped in the ring to spear Kevin Owens for good measure. Roman’s music hit, even though he wasn’t even in the match.