the rock

One person who can say just about anything they want at this point is The Rock. Who else could show up on Raw and make a casual joke about marijuana let alone call attention to a bunch of guys dressed up as former WWE Superstars at ringside (especially if one of them is dressed as Hulk Hogan).

But The Rock has a storied career in the ring and went on to have an even bigger career after his WWE days were finished. Now he’s a bonafide box office attraction and his name alone is worth millions of dollars to any project he’s attached to.

Spiff TV recently sent an Instagram message out to The People’s Champ featuring some classic footage of The Great One. The Rock obviously remembers those days fondly as he had an interesting response to the video.

The Rock not only says “know your role and shut your mouth” because he also replied to the Instagram message by saying: “Thx brotha. Good ol’ WWE days aka ‘the fun sh-t Rock could get away with saying on live tv before the company went public'”

This certainly seems like The Rock would love to go back to the days of yesteryear. A lot of fans seem to agree with The Rock which is evident by the fact that any time WWE does anything to push the envelope it’s perceived as such a big deal.

But it’s safe to say if The Rock existed in today’s WWE climate, not only would he not be able to get away with as many things as he did during his day and age but his character would probably be greatly altered.

It’s a good thing The Rock was able to get his WWE career in during a time which afforded him the kind of freedom he needed to become the man we remember today.