rob van dam

For many fans Rob Van Dam is a legend of the squared circle. He’s the only man to ever hold the WWE Championship and the ECW Championship simultaneously, and he’s wrestled his fair share of memorable matches over the years.

RVD returned to WWE a few years ago, but in 2014 he finished his run with the company and he has yet to return. Van Dam has hinted that the door is open for him to return to the company whenever he wants, but it looks like the reason why he hasn’t returned might actually be more complicated than the former WWE Champion has let on.

The Blast reports that documents from RVD’s ongoing divorce case with his estranged wife claim that Van Dam has taken a “major financial hit” after he suffered a concussion on November 12, 2016 that “caused visual impairment” and has disqualified him “from working for the WWE.”

The report notes that Rob Van Dam is arguing that he should pay less because he’s not living the glamorous life of a WWE Superstar at this point in his career.

RVD reportedly suffered the concussion while wrestling a match for PCW in November of 2016, and he included a copy of WWE’s Concussion Management Program protocol along with a medical evaluation from this year confirming the concussion.

The former WWE Superstar also noted that his merchandise contract with WWE expired in July of 2017 and it won’t be renewed. He added that he has “aged out” of the business due to injuries that have occurred over the course of his career and his income has been “substantially reduced” because he can’t work for WWE.

This is really unfortunate news for Rob Van Dam, and his fans, as there are many people around the world who have been hoping to see him return, but according to Van Dam himself, it doesn’t look like a return is in the cards at this point in time.