rob van dam

After WCW and ECW went under there were many new wrestlers who joined the WWE roster and Rob Van Dam quickly became one of the most popular stars in the entire company. Van Dam won numerous championships throughout his time with WWE and he also feuded with some big names including Triple H.

During a recent appearance on the Cafe de Rene podcast, Rob Van Dam talked about whether or not Triple H buried him, and he indicated that he has a very different perspective on the situation today than he did back when he was an active member of the WWE roster.

“What’s funny like at this stage having the perspective of a much bigger picture. That means something completely different than it did back then. With that competitive heart being in the mix back in 2005 or whatever, then it felt like, ‘this motherf**ker, like he’s competition with me, and just because he doesn’t like me he’s holding me back. And if it wasn’t for him, boom.'”

“I don’t take it as personal if that is the truth, you know. I think that Hunter had the right, just like anybody did, to think that I was a bit of a wildcard, you know. Because I was a non-conformist and also kinda like pushed back to authority and I was very uncensored in every which way.”

Eventually Rob Van Dam did make it to the top in 2006 when he defeated John Cena to win the WWE Championship. However, his WWE Title reign didn’t last long as RVD was arrested and suspended from WWE shortly after winning the belt.

Van Dam admitted that he was the one who messed up when it came to his title reign when he added, “So when I did get it the championship belt in 2006, you know, prospectively I kinda did f**k up, you know. I shouldn’t say I kinda. I did f**k up.”

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