rob van dam

Rob Van Dam is the only man to ever hold the ECW World Title and WWE World Title simultaneously, but it’s been a few years since fans have seen him in a WWE ring.

Van Dam told Sports Illustrated that now he gets to pick and choose his matches, and he only wrestles 10-12 times a year. While talking about his run with WWE, the former Superstar noted that he didn’t enjoy the hectic schedule that goes along with the lifestyle.

“When I’m on the grind, like I was with WWE’s never-ending tours, I hated all the factors of the job except for showing off in the ring,” said Van Dam. “That’s the flights, the rental cars, and everything else. Then, and now, meditation is my escape. It’s an inner-experience. I leave the secular world. I don’t even need to use my eyes.”

Although it seems unlikely that Rob Van Dam will be returning to WWE any time soon, he’s not completely ruling out a potential return.

“I know that my fans want to see me back in WWE. To that, I can say, it’s good to be wanted. I can tell you that I enjoy my days off a lot more than my days on, but I appreciate the fans. It’s because of them I have the life I have. So thank you to the fans, I know they’re going to stick with me for life, and never say never.”

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