rob van dam

It’s been years since fans have seen Rob Van Dam wrestle in a WWE ring, and his living a much quieter lifestyle at the moment. However, it looks like RVD could be doing something sooner than later. A fan recently posted a video of RVD on Twitter, and another fan commented on the video saying that they haven’t heard anything about RVD in forever, and the former WWE Champion replied with, “You will soon…”

At this point it’s not exactly clear what he will be doing, or if RVD’s next move is even wrestling related. But we judging from one of his latest tweets we definitely know what he was doing on his birthday.

When asked about a potential WWE return during a recent interview, RVD took the “never say never” approach, but indicated that he’s happy with his current lifestyle.

“I know that my fans want to see me back in WWE. To that, I can say, it’s good to be wanted. I can tell you that I enjoy my days off a lot more than my days on, but I appreciate the fans. It’s because of them I have the life I have. So thank you to the fans, I know they’re going to stick with me for life, and never say never.”

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