Impact Wrestling’s biggest event of the year happened last night and the crowd was hot the entire night. It was like these guys were performing for a new company. There was a fire in just about every match and although the crowd might have tired themselves out by the end of the night it was an event they will never forget.

The event was highlighted by a competition between Gail Kim and Sienna for the Knockouts title in a contest which was said to be Gail Kim’s last match. The finish saw Gail Kim winning and walking out of Bound For Glory as the Knockouts Champion. But some people didn’t think that was the best move.

Ricochet isn’t in Impact Wrestling but he’s certainly a guy they would love to have. Not only is he one of the top pro wrestlers on the planet but he very well might be the indie wrestling world’s hottest free agent at the moment (other than Chris Jericho).

The former Prince Puma commented on Impact’s decision to have Gail Kim go over and said this honor would have been best suited for an up-and-coming talent rather than someone who doesn’t really need to accomplish that much more in her career. Besides, Gail Kim is already in the TNA Hall Of Fame.

Of course, there were a few people who disagreed with King Ricochet which gave him a very good idea what it is like to be someone that many people like to chastise for having an opinion.

You can actually make valid arguments on both sides of the fence for this one. While it was awesome to give Gail Kim this career highlight so she could go out on top, a younger talent might also benefit from that kind of rub as well. It was still a pretty special moment for Gail Kim though, and I would never want to take that away from her.

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