kenny omega

Chris Jericho shocked the world this weekend when he challenged Kenny Omega to a match at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in January. Omega accepted the challenge and now the two stars are set to do battle in the Tokyo Dome next year.

Kenny Omega hyped up the match during the Wrestle Kingdom 12 press conference, and he said that he’s been looking for an opponent like Jericho since he won the IWGP US Championship.

Omega also said that he always thought he would end his career in WWE, but as he got older his dream changed, and now his dream is to help New Japan expand into America.

He was asked if WWE will be on his mind when he’s fighting Jericho, and Omega responded by saying “no” and then he went on to say WWE Superstars are below him (via Pro Wrestling Sheet).

“WWE, in general — you can quote me on this I don’t care — everyone there is so below me. No one can put together a performance like me from there. Anyone that’s copying anyone is copying me. I’m the trend right now. I don’t need to search anyone as an opponent. I don’t need to feel the need to take on anyone from there to prove anything.”

Omega went on to say that the sentiment doesn’t apply to Chris Jericho because Jericho has worked for multiple companies and he leaves WWE when he chooses.

Whether you agree with Kenny Omega or not, there’s no denying that he knows how to get people talking.

You can watch the full press conference below.