ric flair

A few months ago Ric Flair was admitted to the hospital, and The Nature Boy dealt with a shocking health scare in the weeks that followed. Flair is still recovering, but it seems that he’s doing much better, as he’s been out and about doing interviews and making public appearances.

Flair hasn’t appeared on WWE programming in a while, but he was recently confirmed for an upcoming WWE event.

According to Planeta Wrestling, Ric’s daughter, Charlotte Flair, confirmed that he will be appearing at Starrcade on Saturday, November 25 in North Carolina. Flair will be there to watch Charlotte wrestle as she’s set to face off against Natalya in a steel cage match.

WWE has announced that Ricky Steamboat and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will be appearing at Starrcade, but as of this writing the company has yet to release an official statement regarding Ric Flair’s appearance.

Now that Ric Flair is back on his feet again, he’s had to make a few lifestyle changes in order to stay healthy. Flair has given up alcohol, and he recently told the Charlotte Observer that he doesn’t miss drinking.

“Miss drinking? No. Not at all. Ten days of not knowing where you are and being on life support? Even a guy as irresponsible as I have been, and can be, would never subject himself to that again. So yeah. Diet Coke, man. Starbucks coffee. Venti bold. And a lot of Gatorade. Actually, when I first got out of the hospital … I couldn’t twist the top off a bottle of Gatorade. That tells you how weak I was.”