Injuries are never a good thing nor are they planned and wouldn’t you know it, just as Rey Mysterio seemed to be talking to WWE about a return he suffers an injury. It’s said to be a torn biceps muscle in his left arm and that kind of injury could range in severity.

You can never count out a guy like Mysterio but at this point, he has a lot of plans in the upcoming months that could be up in the air.

“He was wrestling it was a tag team match,” Dave Meltzer began to explain on Wrestling Observer Radio. “He and Flip Gordon against Joey Mercury and Caleb Konley and during the match [Rey Mysterio] thought he tore his left biceps and he communicated that to Joey Mercury who was ready to do an impromptu finish but [Rey Mysterio] sat up a double 6-1-9, frog splash so he did the finish that was the plan.”

“The only thing I heard was that the arm looked really bruised, it did look like it was a torn muscle but we don’t have any confirmation yet. Probably should tomorrow at some point what the injury actually was.”

He then went on to address the possibility of this injury affecting Rey Mysterio’s rumored WWE return.

“But a torn biceps depending on what he wants to do, there’s a lot of options. I mean you could not get surgery and even then I would say it would be — I mean guys have worked with torn biceps. I mean it’s not out of the question he wouldn’t do the [New Japan] Long Beach Show or potentially if there’s a deal for WrestleMania and more likely than not there wouldn’t be but it’s possible it would. Cause usually when WWE signs people at this point they start them after WrestleMania. But there’s always the possibility of a surprise thing or something.”

Meltzer went on to say that if Mysterio needed surgery then he might be changing a couple plans in the upcoming months. But if he were going to WWE, he also noted that Vince McMahon and Company usually wants people to go ahead and get any needed surgeries before coming into the company so they’re not risking a bigger injury down the line.

“But Rey’s different from an unknown person or someone from developmental or someone from the independent scene or something like that so the rules aren’t necessarily gonna be the same” Meltzer concluded.

So only time will tell how bad Rey Mysterio’s injury is. Let’s all just hope for the best as yet another seriously inconvenient injury plagues the pro wrestling world once again.

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