Renee Paquette and Jon Moxley have been a couple for some time now, and in recent years they’ve gone on to get married and welcome a child into the world together. But all good things come from humble beginnings, and there was once a point in time when Renee and Jon were just getting to know one another.

Back in 2013 Renee and former WWE star Summer Rae (Danielle Moinet) were adjusting to life in WWE, and Renee revealed during a recent episode of The Sessions that she asked Summer Rae about her status with Jon Moxley and Roman Reigns when she started getting involved with Mox.

“I remember asking you, ‘You’re not like seeing one of them, are you?’ because that’s when I was like, ‘I think something’s happening with Jon and I, but I really don’t know.’ I wasn’t sure what was going on. You’re like, ‘Absolutely not! They’re like brothers to me. There’s no way.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, good, green light, here we go, baby.’”

Renee also shared an amusing story about one of the first times she hung out with Jon Moxley and they tried to recreate and infamous scene from Dirty Dancing.

“We went out with Jon and Roman at a bar, and this was one of the first nights that I really hung out with Jon. Jon and I were doing like the Dirty Dancing, like he was trying to lift me up and I was like sandbagging his a**.”

WWE recently announced that Summer Rae will be competing in the women’s Royal Rumble match, and the Royal Rumble pay-per-view will air live on Saturday, January 29th. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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